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Zen (Complete) Okinawan Kobudo

Master Tadashi Yamashita

While Matayoshi Kobudo forms the foundation of the Weapon Arts program at Budo, and Shinpo Matayoshi, the son of style originator Shinko Matayoshi, was the primary weapons (kobudo) instructor of Master Yamashita (the head of our style), Master Yamashita has studied and teaches a wide variety of kobudo and other weapon traditions. This is one of the reasons Master Yamashita is world renown for his weapons skills. He has applied these weapons principles to other objects (including shoes, belts and business cards). Master Yamashita calls his weapon arts Zen (for “Complete”) Okinawan Kobudo. These arts are a core component of the well-rounded and practical Budo Weapon Arts Program.

Weapons within Zen Okinawan Kobudo include additional material for the Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, and Kama, as well as Jo, and Flexible Weapons (belt, rope, socks, etc.).

All Weapon Arts (Kobudo) at Budo