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Kids Martial Arts - Preparation for Budo/Life

Kids Karate-do Outside

Parents, Would you like your children to ...

· Learn Real-World Self-Protection skills rather than just movements which "look cool?"
· Develop an inner sense of self-worth rather than relying solely on external rewards?
· Develop thinking skills and learn how to discover concepts themselves rather than only learning to repeat what is shown to them?
· Learn coordination, concentration and respect?

Then we have the Kids Program for you.

Kids Karatedo Class

Our kids' classes are fun and teach real self-protection skills, not just movements that “look cool.” In addition to basic karate, they also teach children how to avoid or deal with real-world threats ranging from playground bullies to adult offenders. Your child will learn awareness and skills which can be used in a serious situation, but also mental and emotional skills which can improve their performance and attitude in school and other activities. "Karate Rules" teach confidence, responsibility and respect, and the positive attitudes extend into the home too!


Teaching a child to defend themselves will give them confidence and dignity...
and will help ensure their safety when you cannot be there!

Kids Karatedo Group

While children are not yet adults or teenagers, they will be someday. Since our main (adult) programs at Budo are designed to teach about the more complex challenges in these later phases of life, our kids' program is also designed to give children a headstart in facing these challenges.

Learn More about ...

Our Kids Program Philosophy

The Budo Kid's Program Difference

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