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Children ( Ages 6-14 / Grades 1-8 )

Tsunami Karate Kids

Children are full of energy and wonder, and they can benefit greatly from good education. This will give them a tremendous "head start" and improvement in their entire life. While they are eager to be active and learn, they do not have the skills necessary to learn the most important things very efficient yet. They are sponges for information and can absorb/mimic general motions very quickly. Therefore, the focus is to give a lot of this type of learning in an enjoyable high energy and intesity way that keeps the child learning, growing and building up their physical abilities.

At Budo we take a long and broad look at life and education. Our goal is to have all of our students have the most full and fulfilling lifetime. Most of life is spent in adulthood, therefore getting the most out of these years is most important. Childhood is a time of preparation for that lifetime. Therefore, in this time of childhood, in our Tsunami Karate program, we use active, fun, and motion mimic classes as a vehicle to develop the most important thing we can develop at this age - their ability to learn and an awareness of things happening around them. We focus on giving them the skills they will need to learn faster and to "see" life (along with the basic physical martial arts skills they will need for the next level of learning). By focusing on developing learning skills and awareness at this age, we give children a true and amazing head start - A head start that compounds throughout all of life.


Kids Karatedo Group

After a few months to years of progressing in this training in the Tsunami Karate program, children and parents may be ready to go to the next level in learning. This is when participation in the second branch of our children's martial arts program (called Preparation for Budo) starts. These are highly individual, detail oriented classes that allow children to develop their learning skills to amazing levels, and use those skills to develop the foundation for truly exceptional martial arts abilities (as well as defend themselves). These detail oriented classes combined with continuation in the high activity Tsunami Karate classes are a one-two punch of tremendous learning and progress.

As a measure of the effectiveness of starting in our Tsunami Karate only program at this age, you should note that children without this training generally do not have the ability to function/learn at the Preparation for Budo level of training until they are in 5th grade, while 1st graders with about a year of Tsunami Karate training are often ready to fully participate in those classes.


3 Months Free

While your child(ren)'s progress, growth, and potential are very important to us, we at Budo take a longer and broader view of life. While participation in our programs will help your child tremendously, the lessons they get from you, along with the time you spend with them, have a potentially much bigger impact. As mentioned, our goal is to have all of our students have the most full and fulfilling lifetime, and most of life is spent in adulthood. Learning to have a better life and improve the lives of those around you is the focus of our adult program. Improving yourself will greatly help your child(ren). If your child joins, think about joining as well. If you do your child gets 3 months free, and you get 50% off of your child as long as you both are students. The classes for beginning adults are taught at an individual pace and concurrently overlap with some of the children's classes. Additionally, any parent in the adult program can participate in the Tsunami Karate classes with their children if they would like at no extra charge.


Kids at Peace

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