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Family Programs

Kids Karate-do Outside

If you are looking for information on our teaching format for families, please Click Here.

Sign up now and Save $25 each
on registration fees !

Families who join our programs save money due to lower processing costs.
Also, to assist our adult students who are parents, and in support of our belief that junior students greatly benift for a parent who understands and practices the art themself, we offer a significant discount to the children of our adult students.


3 Months Free

Specific Discounts:

Discount #1: All Family members who live at the same address receive $10 off each student each month provided they are all billed at the same time. Family members signing up at the same time also receive an additional $10 off their registrations fee each, for a total of $35 off each if you sign up now.

Discount #2: Additinoally, each adult Karate-Do student who is a parent may have up to 2 children (in high school or younger) in the Karate-Do program (either the kids' or adult program depending on child age) for 1/2 PRICE tuition for their first 3 months.(Click Here for program details)

Click Here to Sign-Up

To ease the signup process (families come in many varieties), when signing up multiple family members (except for the Parent/Child Special) just sign up and pay for each member individually and contact us (or inform us on your first day), and we will immediately calculate and issue a refund to you for the appropriate discounts.

If you ever have any questions, please Contact Us

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Questions? Please Contact Us!