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Budo - Classical Martial Arts - Instruction

Budo Karate Class

At Budo our goal is to have each student experience the most that they can from life and to become the best martial artist they can.

For some students, life (health, balance, growth, longevity) are the reasons they study and the Budo (martial arts - karate-do and kobudo) that we teach is an excellent path to achieve them. Being able to defense themselves is a beneficial byproduct.

For others, the purpose is be the best martial artist they can be. For them, following the path at Budo leads to this. The other benefits for life are beneficial byproducts.

Both types of students are welcome, and we see it the two types of benefits go hand in hand. Certainly to achieve the highest level of proficiency at anything in life (including martial arts) requires an understanding of "Do" (see What is Budo). And the arts that you pursue must have the depth of "Do".

Kobudo Jo

At Budo our training is centered on two complimentary "Do" arts with this depth - karate-do (Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate-do) which uses only your body, and Okinwan Kobudo which focuses on training with traditional weapons. (See Okinawan Karate-do and Kobudo).

The two arts compliment each other, and to reach the highest levels and understanding of both is important. The two arts can be pursued beneficially separately as well, especially for the first several years, and students my start with either.

As mentioned in our Beyond Martial Arts page, our art has been developed over generations to provide increasing benefits throughout all of life with continued pursuit. Since most of life is spent as an adult, and this is often the time of life where enjoyment and fulfillment tend to be least easily obtained, this is where most of the benefit can be obtained. We do also offer excellent classes for children. These are more beneficial than most "karate" classes, as they develop the skills necessary for the children to be fulfilled children, teens and adults. (See Preparation for Budo - Kids for more information).

While we greatly enjoy improving children's lives, our passion is to improve adults' lives. Our karate-do training is highly individual, with one-on-one instruction for the first 3 months, and completely individualized lessons for the first year. Lessons are also completely individualized for the first 3-6 months of kobudo training as well. This individual attention costs a bit more, but enables you to progress more quickly and develop all of the skills necessary to truly get the most out of your Budo training.

This individual attention is conducted within the community of all students at the school. As life inherently involves others, so to does our art. (See Budo - School Culture for more).

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