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Family Instruction Philosophy

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Families are one of the most important things in life, and as such one of the most important things in training at Budo. As mentioned in our What is Budo and Instruction pages, the arts taught at Budo are designed to provide a more fulfilling life experience throughout life.

Our focus is on improving everyone's life, not just children. In order to do this, the arts we teach have been developed over generation and have as much complexity and nuance as life itself. Certainly children can benefit tremendously from exposure to such an art. The potential for what they can get out of such training is, for them, great, but the amount that even the most advanced child can get out of a class is significantly less than an adult.

Consider the field of economics, which is just a part of life (the field of study at Budo - see What is Budo). Exposure to economic concepts (in an age appropriate way) early in life will certainly benefit children as they grow up, especially if that exposure is designed to get more complex and stay age appropriate as the child ages. They will have a tremendous head start over other young adults. This is very good.

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A parent might like to "share the experience" of learning with their child and want to take "Family classes" in economics. Obviously these classes would need to be taught at the child's level since the child can't learn any faster. The parent will learn the lessons much more quickly than the child. Even though some of these lessons may still be new to the parent, and therefore helpful to both the parent and the child (as they are financially dependent on the parent), this is not the most beneficial way to do things for the family as a whole. It would be much better if the parent learned economics as efficiently as they could - apply it to their family finances, and help guide their children as they learn about economics at their own maximal pace.

Since we want everyone (adults and children) to have the most fulfilling life experience possible, we chose to teach adults and children separately (sometimes at the same time), each at their own pace. Families are still very important to us, and we give a discount of 50% for up to two children for each parent that studies at our school, and a Huge 1st 3 Month Discount. Parents can also, after a year or so if interested, assist in children's classes, and share in the learning and growth of their child in a much more beneficial way for the entire family.

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